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JTOP | Nashville 

Originally located in Antioch, TN, Judah Temple of Praise Ministries started with the immediate Leavy family of 5 in their home. The ministry saw a membership increase of over 100 dedicated members that propelled them to their first few locations in the city of Antioch. As the spirit of family, love, healing, and restoration continued to pour from the heart of Bishop Leavy and his family to his members, God allowed the ministry to move to the campus of Tennessee State University and 1209 Brick Church Pike. Knowing that these were only temporary homes, Bishop Leavy and the Judah Temple of Praise family welcomed hundreds of members through its doors and into the arms of Christ through various ministries. As God continued to enlarge their territory, in 2011 the Lord blessed Judah Temple of Praise Ministries with their own building. 


With an updated name - JTOP | Nashville - and their new home in Nashville, Tennessee; the ministry has seen tremendous growth within the four walls and through their virtual outlets. 

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