The outreach department is here to serve the community & reach those who may nee help. We are here for you!

Thanksgiving Boxes

We plan to donate at least 10 full boxes of food to families

in our community. In order to reach our goal, we need YOU! 

You can help us by donating the following items:

·Meat - Whole Turkeys ·Starches - Mac & Cheese, Stove Top Stuffing ·Vegetables - Canned Green Beans, Corn, & Sweet Potatoes   ·Fruit - Variety of Canned Fruit ·Drinks - Canned or Packaged Drink Mix ·Cranberry Sauce   ·Gravy Packs 

Thanksgiving Box.png
Gas Card.png

$10 Gas Card

We plan to give away $10 cards to people in the surrounding areas.

You can donate to this cause by clicking below.