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Independence, Belize

June 3rd - 8th, 2024

The History

The International Missions Department traces its roots back to a divine calling and the unwavering support of Bishop Dr. Kelvin L. Leavy, who recognized the vision set forth by Elder Myyah Lockhart (Director of International Missions). With fervor and determination, Elder Lockhart initiated the groundwork necessary for its inception, driven by a passion to extend the church's reach beyond borders. In 2019, after diligent fundraising and preparation, the department's inaugural mission journeyed to Belize, where we established a lasting partnership with a local ministry. Over the years, this bond has flourished, with JTOPNashville Int'l Missions providing steadfast support, including vital contributions towards the repair of the ministry's church van & more. In 2023, Deacon Allan Hall was named Deputy Director. The department continues to thrive, having completed two successful missions to Belize, embodying our church's commitment to global outreach and service.

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